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Settlement after trial


The Doe Case — Offshore- Helicopter- Wrongful Death

Offshore Worker Killed in Helicopter Crash

Client’s husband, an offshore oil worker, was killed when the helicopter in which he was riding crashed during take off from offshore oil platform. A forensic investigation and a crash reconstruction showed that the helicopter’s landing skid had become entangled with a hatch handle on the offshore platform’s helideck. This entanglement caused the helicopter’s pilot to loose control of the aircraft as he attempted lift-off. 

 This case was tried twice in Federal Court. During the first trial, the jury returned a defense verdict. The Broussard +Williamson team was able to convince the trial court that the jury’s verdict was against the great weight of the evidence, and the new trial was granted. Just before the end of the second trial, the defendant finally met the plaintiff’s reasonable settlement demand.  

Determination + Focus

“Things don't always go the way you want them to go in trial. Any trial lawyer who says otherwise is not a real trial lawyer, because he has never tried any hard cases. But I am proud to say that anytime we have lost, we never went down without a fight. This case is a perfect example. We never gave up and we finally got justice for our client."

Steve Broussard

Lead Trial Attorney


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