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Randy's story — Power Line- Electrical Contact

Police Officer Struck by Power Line

A police officer, while investigating an automobile accident in which a truck struck a power pole, was hit in the head by a 22,000 volt power line. Electricity coursed through the officer’s skull and out the bottom of his feet. Miraculously, the officer lived. But he suffered from extensive burns and neurological injuries. The power company claimed that the police officer was totally responsible for his own injuries, and that he walked into a power line he should have seen. 

  Broussard + Williamson was able to show, through extensive accident reconstruction, that the power line was initially at a safe height, and was seen by the power company’s lineman who first responded to the crash – but the lineman ignored the dangerous situation  and inexplicably failed to cut the power. That power line later fell on the officer. In one of the most hard fought cases Broussard+ Williamson has ever handled, including numerous battles fought in the appellate courts, the power company settled this case on the eve of trial.  

Courage + Determination

“There is no such thing as an easy case when your client is seriously injured. The worse someone is hurt, the harder the other side will fight not to pay. But this case was fought especially hard. They fight because they count on most lawyers and injured people just giving up. We don't know what it means to give up."

Steve Broussard

Randy's lead attorney


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