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Jackie's story — Explosion

Propane Gas Explosion

Jackie was badly burned in a propane explosion at a trailer park. He had rented a house trailer. Two days after moving in, Jackie attempted to light the stove. He turned on the propane tank and unsuccessfully tried to light the pilot light on the stove top. When Jackie tried to light the oven, the stove exploded. 

Jackie sustained second and third degree burns over 60 percent of his body. Jogging shorts protected him from the waist to mid thigh. His face was not burned. The fire self-extinguished, causing little damage to the trailer. 

As soon as Steve Broussard got the case, he did whAt good lawyers do- he took action to  investigate and preserve key evidence. Investigation revealed that the stove was disconnected from the open propane line, but also that the propane tank did not contain the proper amount of odorant, which warns people of a leaks by smell.

Steve proved that the propane company failed to do a leak test at the time the propane was delivered. More importantly, Steve proved someone tampered with the tank after the explosion to make it appear there was a proper amount of odorant in the tank. Luckily, Steve had already preserved a sample of the real levels. 

The case settled just days before trial.  


“Over and over again, I have seen corporations and insurance companies tamper with and flat-out hide evidence. It is so important to investigate every case immediately and NEVER take what the other side says for granted. You have to question everything."

Steve Broussard

Jackie's lead attorney


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