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Damon's story — Brain Damage- Premise Liability- Security

Lack of security leads to brutal beating

In December 2016, our 23-year old client met up with a young woman at her apartment.  Unbeknownst to him, our client was being set up for a robbery.  After being in the apartment for a while, the young woman sent a text message signaling three men that the victim was in the shower and it was time for the robbery.  The young woman let the three men in the room.  When the victim exited the shower, he was beaten with a baseball bat, robbed, and left for dead.

Steven Broussard recognized a case where many other lawyers would have moved on. Steve looked into the case and saw the apartment had little to no security, including a lack of functioning security cameras/monitors and failure to maintain a limited access gate. There was also a significant criminal history at the property. The apartment complex basically created a safe haven for crime. Broussard + Williamson filed suit against the criminals and the apartment complex for their failure to provide reasonable security in a high crime area.

Ten months after suit was filed Plaintiff offered to settle the case with the apartment complex for their insurer’s $1,000,000.00 policy limits. The insurance company rejected the offer to settle three weeks later.

After the insurance company refused the Plaintiff’s settlement offer, Broussard + Williamson took the position the insurer was in bad faith for refusing to settle within the policy limits.  Fifteen months after Plaintiff’s settlement demand, the case settled after mediation for over $6 million dollars, plus costs.

Experience + Skill

“This is a case where 99% of lawyers only get the policy limits. Because we know the law and because we did not back down, we were able to collect over 6 Million on a 1 million dollar policy."

Aaron Broussard



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