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Steven Broussard

Partner - Trial Lawyer

Focus + Commitment

"This morning I sit and give thanks for people like you , from day one you guys have treated us like family ,there are no words to express how relieved mom is that this is behind her, I just spoke to her and she told me she ate oatmeal for supper and slept like a baby, lol,we appreciate the all the time you spent to get this done quickly,we will forever be grateful to you and your professional staff . God Bless you."

Client's family member

Steven Broussard

Partner - Trial Lawyer



“I have always liked fighting for the underdog, the little guy, against the big bullies- the insurance companies. In this business, you either represent the injured person or the powerful insurance company.

I’ve won cases others gave up on because I am willing to put in the extra effort needed to succeed."

We developed our reputation for succeeding on cases other lawyers have turned down.  We leave no stone unturned and are very innovative at finding ways to make a recovery. We actually enjoy taking on cases with what at first might appear to be insurmountable problems.  We maintain a positive attitude and continue pushing until we find a way to succeed even in the most difficult cases.     

After graduating from law school in 1977, Steve entered solo practice and for eight years handled virtually every type of case imaginable – from murder cases to divorces to wrongful death civil actions. After eight years, Steve ran for and was elected Judge for the Ward 4 Sulphur City Court. At that point in his practice, Steve began limiting his cases to those involving personal injury. During the 18 years that Steve served as Judge, he maintained a heavy caseload of personal injury cases in his private practice by working long hours. 

In 2002, Steve retired from the Judgeship and now practices full-time handling serious injury and death cases. The knowledge and experience that Steve gained through serving as a judge for 18 years is an invaluable asset to him in representing victims in serious injury and death cases. Steve understands firsthand not only the workings of a court from both the attorney’s viewpoint and the judge’s viewpoint, but he knows what it takes to impress a judge with the merits of a particular case.  


Steve has developed a reputation for taking cases of seriously injured people that other attorneys have declined. Steve has used his creative thinking and ingenuity to recover millions of dollars in cases that other attorneys have rejected. Steve thrives on solving difficult legal issues that many lawyers would rather avoid.

His Life & Practice

Steve is an avid outdoorsman who loves to hunt and fish. He recognizes the importance of establishing a good relationship with each of his clients and enjoys getting to know them on a personal basis. Many of Steve’s clients have remained close personal friends after their case has been completed.

Steve and his wife, Kim, enjoy the peaceful surroundings of their country home located on a farm in the southern part of Calcasieu parish; they have four grown children and nine grandchildren.



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